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~Byung-Hyun Kim Fanz~

The Official Byung-Hyun Kim Hangout On LiveJournal

Have It Your Way BK: The Byung-Hyun Kim Community
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I have been a fan of Byung-Hyun Kim's ever since his days with the Tucson Sidewinders and I still continue to follow his career today. I have met BK a few times and can tell you he is a really sweet young man with a sense of humor, a heart of gold, a good personality, and a love for baseball and its fans.

I have created this community for other BK fans to join and enjoy. If you like watching The Korean Wonder Boy pitch, then please join! Feel free to post any stories, pix, poetry, anything you have about or on BK and share it with us!

My Community Rules are as follows:

1. No flame wars! I catch any derogatory posts aimed at me or any members, the person will be banned immediately and turned in to LJ ABuse!

2. No inappropriate pictures, language, or posts...failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate termination by me and turned in to LJ ABuse!

3. Pictures should be put behind an LJ cut to respect people who are on dial-up connections, so please be considerate of your fellow members!

4. Have fun!

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