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~Byung-Hyun Kim Fanz~

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4th May 2008

bullpenbrat226:10pm: Me and my creativity!

I did something fun with a picture I found of BK on the internet:

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com

He's so adorable and cute and looks great in a suit!

Current Mood: amused

25th August 2007

bullpenbrat229:18pm: BK update!
Goin' Fishin'Collapse )
Current Mood: giddy

3rd August 2007

capuanogirl6:51pm: BK claimed off Waivers by the Dbacks
Today the Dbacks claimed BK who started his career with the Dbacks and played with the Boston Red Sox, Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins was picked up by the Dbacks.

1st March 2007

bullpenbrat2211:14am: BK @ Spring Training!
Lookin' Good!Collapse )
Current Mood: complacent

25th February 2007

bullpenbrat2212:39pm: Pix Post
Me & The Korean Wonder BoyCollapse )
Current Mood: giddy
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